Since 2001 we have secured more than $45,000,000 for tenant clients.

Greenstein & McDonald · Attorneys at Law · StaffFounded in early 2001, Greenstein & McDonald is the most successful tenant law firm in the San Francisco Bay Area, if not the State of California. We have secured more than $45,000,000 for our clients in just over 15 years! Our financial success for our tenant clients is unprecedented.

Experienced and aggressive, the lawyers of Greenstein & McDonald are dedicated to tenant justice, having already helped more than 20,000 tenants. We are tenacious, savvy, and importantly, well-resourced in the prosecution of cases for tenants. We treat each client with compassion and honest respect.

Greenstein & McDonald has assisted tenants with eviction defense and other issues over the years, although our primary focus at this time involves suing landlords for the harm they cause to tenants by breaching their duties. Claims may include: failure to provide a habitable/livable unit, wrongful eviction, retaliation, discrimination, harassment, breach of contract, nuisance (includes mold/lead paint), interference with quiet use and enjoyment, fraud, personal injuries, violating rent ordinances, or any other violation of the law by a landlord.


  • $3,825,000
    Greenstein and McDonald settled Davis, et al., v. Busk for $3,825,000 on behalf of 124 tenants (the largest settlement of a single case for tenants in Bay Area history of which we are aware).

    In Pierre, et al., v. Cox, Greenstein & McDonald represented 13 tenants in a legal action against their landlord for his violation of Oakland’s Just Cause for Eviction Ordinance (“Measure EE”).

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  • $1,500,000

    Greenstein and McDonald confidentially settled a multi-unit habitability case in San Francisco County Superior Court in 2007 for $1,500,000.


    In 2015, Greenstein & McDonald secured a confidential settlement of a multi-tenant lawsuit for $1,350,000 in San Francisco County.

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  • $1,250,000

    Greenstein & McDonald recovered $1,250,000 for tenants in a few units for a habitability and personal injury case.

    In 2015, Greenstein & McDonald obtained a confidential settlement of a multi-tenant lawsuit for $1,050,000 in San Francisco County.

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